The Dutch and their bikesScenes from a nation of cyclists

Shirley Agudo
2014 - Onze prijs € 29,90

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The definitive photo guide to the world’s best bicycle culture
“A celebration of everyday cycling”

American photographer and author Shirley Agudo captures the essence of the world’s most cycling-friendly country, the Netherlands, in her fascinating new collection of almost 700 photos. It’s a privileged and inspiring look at a culture that lives and breathes cycling.

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“The Dutch & Their Bikes is a compelling collection of images about our nation of cyclists. Amsterdam’s reputation as ‘the world’s best cycling city’ is certainly true, and Shirley Agudo brings it all to life.”
- Eberhard E. van der Laan, Mayor of Amsterdam

“The best collection of Dutch cycling photos ever assembled!”
-Henry Cutler, Founder, WorkCycles

“Shirley Agudo promotes Dutch cycling in a way that we cannot do with words. …It’s art.”
- Aletta Koster, Director, Dutch Cycling Embassy


 Hart van Nederland

Gebonden | 352 pagina's | Kleur: fc | Taal: English | Afmetingen: 18x23 | ISBN: 9789055948994

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