Holland Handbook 2015-2016

Stephanie Dijkstra
2015 - Onze prijs € 29,95

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This richly illustrated handbook offers essential information for expatriates on all aspects of living and working in the Netherlands such as: permits and visa, career, housing, finance, international education, fiscal and legal issues, health care, telecommunications and insurances. The reader can also find more general information on the Dutch culture and habits, tourist information, learning the language, international clubs, etc.
All these subjects are approached from the perspective of the expatriate - both newcomers and expats who have been living in the Netherlands for some time.

This and many useful addresses, phone numbers and websites make The Holland Handbook an indispensable guide for the employee expat, the expat's partner who does not have a paid or volunteer job (yet), foreign entrepreneurs, the many foreign students who have come to the Netherlands to train or study and professionals who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in expat affairs.


paperback met flappen | 264 pagina's | Kleur: fc | Taal: English | Afmetingen: 210x270 | ISBN: 9789055949601

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